Bug Zapper Racket with Sizzling 3000 Volt Electric Shock

Bug Zapper Racket with Sizzling 3000 Volt Electric Shock

Bite 'em back!

  • Eliminate bugs on contact
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Massive 10" Racket head

Product details

Our Electric Bug Fly Insect Zapper Swatter Mosquito Racket works anytime, every time, and is intentionally designed to facilitate human on insect crime. Don't sit around waiting to get stung in your face, use our zapper racket to put insects in their place.

* Eliminate bugs on contact
* Non Toxic
* Massive 10" Racket head
* Environmentall...


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Super product and fun, too. - Mar, 11 2013
The zapper racket is my favorite new toy. i killed about a dozen flies and gnats in just a few minutes. some of them i never saw until after they were zapped. also, i did not have to swat the flies and splatter them everywhere. We live with our doors and windows open most of the time, but i can't stand flies. This thing is great. everyone who enjoys the outdoors needs one of these things.
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