1. Lot of 144 Baseball Style Hats - White and Red
  2. Hooked on Phonics - French

    Hooked on Phonics - French

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    $ 40

    Using Hooked on Phonics French to teach your children a new language during childhood is more than just fun.  It can also be a great way to give your child a head start in school.  The unique Hooked on Phonics French learning system teaches new language skills through fun activities your child will want to share with family and friends.  Hooked on Phonics French utilizes independent instruction combined with interactive methods to teach basic words and phrases.  Techniques include workbook practice, lovable characters to encourage correct pronunciation, stories and games for reinforcement, and other activities to keep the learning alive long after you’ve turned off the computer.

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  3. Hooked on Phonics - Chinese

    Hooked on Phonics - Chinese

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    $ 35

    Learning a language now can help your child succeed later. Hooked on Phonics Chinese Deluxe Edition is a three-level program that utilizes our signature learn-practice-play approach. Children ages 4 to 6 learn new words and phrases with the help of the CD-ROM’s friendly characters, they practice what they’ve learned through entertaining activities, and they play fun games using their newly acquired vocabulary. Hooked on Phonics Chinese is the sure way to make learning Chinese fun!

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  4. Hooked on Phonics - Hooked on English

    Hooked on Phonics - Hooked on English

    $ 90

    In today’s world, learning to speak English is the key to unlocking your child’s future success.  Designed to teach Spanish speaking children common vocabulary, expressions and phrases, Hooked on Phonics English™ includes interactive DVDs, colorful workbooks, storybooks, flash cards, and audio CDs to make learning English fun and easy!  All lessons taught in English, while the Parent's Guide is in Spanish and English.

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  5. 120 Heavy Duty Trash Bags - 42 Gallon, 3 Mil

    120 Heavy Duty Trash Bags - 42 Gallon, 3 Mil

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    $ 36

    These bags are STRONG! More than twice the thickness of other bags costing more money!

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