Heavy Duty Tarp

Heavy Duty Tarp

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Ripstopper technology is a an industrial quality design that prevents a minor puncture from becoming a tear.  Our heavy duty tarp also features special reinforced corners, polycarbonate grommets, and a heavy weave.

Product Features

  • Ripstopper technology (enhanced tear resistance)
  • Reinforced corners with patented 3 rivet design
  • Rust proof poly...

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1 Review(s)
Great value- tough tarp - Sep, 12 2013
By flattop900
Used a 30x50 ripstopper tarp to cover my 34ft. sailboat last winter. Although the tarp
did wear through in some places, it did live up to it's claim of not ripping. I am convinced any other tarp of this weight and weave count would have been shredded by the strong northern winds we experienced last winter. With a little patching and tighter tying I'll easily get another two or three years out of this tarp.
Would I buy another one? You bet I will!
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